Essential Oils

Lavender essential oils

When combined with therapeutic massage, the powerful benefits of essential oils can assist the body to reach deep healing and restorative levels beyond the benefits of a massage on its own.


The symptoms of some forms of headache can be relieved by applying pure peppermint oil to the temples and trigger points at the base of the neck. It is always important to follow up recurring headaches with thorough medical investigations, to ensure that the source of the headache isn’t masked or ignored.

Immune System

If you work in an office where everyone is constantly fighting off the flu, try mixing essential orange or tangerine oil in a water spray to clean the hard surfaces of desks and tables. Mixed with essential lavender oil, these fragrances will have an uplifting effect on the mood and spirit of your workplace, as well as a cleansing effect which can boost the immune system.

After the treatment

There are many ways to continue the benefits of a massage treatment with essential oils after the massage treatment is completed. Essential oils can combine with your home and worklife to create greater harmony and improve the general wellbeing of your family and colleagues.

Lyn is available for consultations on home and workplace health which can recommend blended oils and the best ways for you to use them.

To enhance the effects of massage Lyn uses the highest quality essential oils. A half hour consultation is required to determine the best oils suitable for you to use at home as part of your ongoing treatment.


You can order your essential oils following your massage treatment. Alternatively, contact Lyn at any time to place your order.