About Lyn

lyn-midgley-headshotLyn Midgley is an experienced massage therapist who has been providing massage services in the Blue Mountains for over 12 years.

When Lyn’s clients work with her regularly, she is able to assist them through the ups and downs of life, through the stressful times, and those joyous and more relaxed occasions. Feeling close to your life allows Lyn to shape each treatment to suit your needs.

She will sense when you need an energising and uplifting massage, or when you have too much going on and can’t calm down. A vital tool in her technique is her ability to listen to the body and feel what it needs to give a healing massage, and working with the whole person on an emotional and physical level, rather than performing a formulaic treatment which goes from A-Z with little reference to your unique needs.

You may feel emotions coming up during the treatment, because Lyn creates a safe place to truly let go of the tensions, joy, pain and grief we gather throughout our daily lives. She is also very good at helping clients release emotional blocks during creative projects.

When we integrate massage into our healthy approach to life, just like visiting the gym or the doctor, we breathe health and harmony into a balanced day.

Contact Lyn today to arrange your consultation, or click here for more detail on what a session with Lyn involves.