Therapies Offered


Experience a massage with Lyn Midgley which heals the mind and soul, not just the body. Massage helps to balance out the effects of stress in our lives and relieve the symptoms of tension headaches and low immunity. It can also help you release emotional blocks which are held deeply within the body. If you are feeling tired or lethargic, if you are suffering from recurring pain, headaches, anxiety or depression – or if you just feel it’s time to start digging into that tangled knot of roots underground and create a space to let some fresh energy in – massage may be the perfect solution.

Remedial & Swedish Massage

This can be a gentle massage that melts away physical and emotional stress with each movement, leaving you relaxed and re-energized. It can also be a deeper massage to address conditions such as neck and back pain, headaches, poor circulation, arthritis, nervous tension and stress. Lyn specialises in remedial massage without the ‘ouch’, working with your body and listening to its existing stresses and issues – rather than causing further pain to an already sore area.

Deep Tissue Massage

A mixture of powerful bodywork techniques that improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, relieves lactic acid and reduces the strain and stress built up in the body. Wonderfully relaxing for those that like a ‘deep’ massage. ‘Deep’ does not mean rough or painful. Lyn specialises in a massage that works with your body, providing a healing, relaxing massage without causing you any unnecessary pain.



A powerful therapy which works with both the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. It involves the stimulation of pressure points on the feet to assess and treat many ailments. Reflexology works on your whole body through your feet, and is especially useful when the area needing work is too sore to be worked on directly. For a reflexology you will need to remove your shoes and lie down, but your clothes remain on.


A gentle hands on technique. This universal life force energy calms, relaxes and nourishes our mind, body and spirit – bringing balance, clarity of mind and purpose. Take your shoes off, lay down and relax for this hands on healing. Clothes remain on.

Bach & Bush Flower Remedies

These essences are vibrational medicines, which influence the energy body that is our life force. As the energy changes to a more desirable vibratory rate, this gradually influences the body on a physical, psychological and emotional level – re-balancing negative emotions & beliefs.

Aromatherapy for your home and office

If you and your staff are fighting a constant battle against coughs and colds in the office, perhaps it’s time for a consultation with Lyn. She will suggest ways for you to use essential oils in the office that can help boost your immunity, bringing harmony and wellbeing back into the air.


Case study:
Massage to support the deeply emotional creative journey

The Blue Mountains is a region fringed with spectacular scenery. It is no surprise that it attracts so many artists, writers, musicians and creative types, who are drawn here to be nurtured in soul and spirit whilst exploring their creative projects.

When published author Helena Pastor came to Katoomba to take up a writing residency at Varuna, she embarked upon a journey to find her truth, as she developed a memoir that explored life’s big topics, including that meatiest of subjects- how to mend the parent child relationship. Helena decided to support her body through this deeply emotional creative journey by working with Lyn.

“Having a massage with Lyn at the beginning and at the end of the life journey writing activity really helped me make it through this highly emotional time,” Helena said of her experience.

“I really love working with the writers during their Varuna retreats,” Lyn says. “To work with people on that level you really need to be able to create a safe emotional space that allows the tensions stored deep within the body to be released”.

If you are embarking on a creative project that calls for a stirring of the deep emotions, speak with Lyn, and discover how massage can support you to release the blocks in your own path.