The Journey

The Journey, with Lyn Midgley, Katoomba Massage Therapist

There are many ways to release the stress we store in the body. Whilst the benefits of a massage can relieve immediate tensions, people can often find that their postures and emotional responses to life pull the body back into painful states soon after the massage has finished.

As we move  through life we store responses to situations in our bodies. Over time the effects of holding on to emotional trauma can lead to disease, due to the strain placed on our circulation, our immune system, our muscular system, digestive sytem and skeletal system – in short, the whole body suffers in response to the ordinary factors in life.

Finding a way to positively release these tensions is crucial to life long health.

The Journey is a process developed by Brandon Bays whereby a safe, healing space is created by your therapist who takes the client through a series of deep meditative states to explore where the body is blocking energy and storing the tensions that can start to cause disease. By listening to the body and bringing a forgiving awareness to these places, a new understanding and acceptance can be achieved which allows the patient to move through this state towards a release of old pain.

Like a tree which has cramped roots which have starved a part of its trunk of nourishment, the human body can also divert energy from important organs and cells when the conditions of life cause the body to shut down. Lyn takes great pleasure in seeing the changes in the lives of clients who have undergone this powerful work with her, and watching the way their lives blossom.

Lyn Midgley is an Accredited Journey Practitioner, has trained with Brandon Bays, and specialises in combining The Journey process with massage, combining the benefits of both practices, in a hands on, therapeutic session which takes you deep within your own experiences of life.

Contact Lyn today to see how a Journey process, or a Journey Massage can benefit you.